My favourite restaurant is not shown up in the search?

Don’t worry, send us the details and we will try to engage them with us.

Accepted Payment methods?

All major online payment methods like Visa, Amex, Master card and PayPal.

Customer details protection

We follow international standards in protecting customer’s data. So rely on us and your details are in safe hands.

Order confirmation email is not received

Don’t worry, if there is any system issue there could be some slight delay in sending the email. Alternatively, please check if you have received any SMS in your registered mobile number. Please feel free to call us anytime at 02 9893 7571 and we will sort out your issue.

I have placed my order but I need to cancel it. Possible?

It depends upon the stage where your order is right now. If the food preparation is already started chances of cancelling the order are slim, but give it a go.

My Food has not arrived yet, past the estimation time given while placing the order.

Sometimes due to overwhelming orders in peak hours there could be a slight delay. Please contact the restaurant directly (details provided in the order confirmation email) or contact Foody360 at 02 9893 7571 and we will help you track down your order status.